Considering Joining A Boat Club?

Joining a Boat Club

In South Carolina, watersports and boating are an excellent way to relax and unwind. With lakes, rivers and shorelines in abundance, you have many ways to enjoy the water in Summerville. If you want to boat, you have the option of buying one. Or, you can join a boat club to enjoy the convenience of boating with fewer responsibilities.

Should I Join a Boat Club?

If you enjoy boating but hesitate at the thought of owning a boat, boat club membership is one way you can enjoy life on the water. With a boat club, you pay a monthly or yearly cost to be a member. In turn, you have access to the club’s fleet. Whenever you want to get a boat, you just book a reservation and go.

There are several advantages of joining a boat club in South Carolina, including:

  • The Costs Are Smaller and More Transparent: The costs of owning a boat include the price of the boat itself, transportation, maintenance, licensing, insurance and more. If your boat is damaged or has mechanical issues, this can be an unexpected expense. With a boat club, you only need to pay a flat fee and the cost of your fuel, making it easier to budget.
  • You’re Not Responsible: You don’t have to worry about finding a mechanic or taking care of the boat when it’s not on the water. With a boat club, you also don’t have to find a space to dock your boat. Someone else handles all the details. This freedom of boat club membership is a significant draw for many boat enthusiasts.
  • You Get to Try Different Boats: Most clubs have fleets, so you can try a variety of boats and even enjoy new models when the club updates their offerings.

Of course, there are also some possible disadvantages to joining a boat club, such as:

  • You Need to Book Ahead: When you own your boat, you can take it out as much as you like, whenever you want. With a boat club, you have to plan ahead and might not be able to be as spontaneous. If you’re having a great day on the water and want to stay longer than your reservation, you might not be able to because someone else is waiting to use the boat.
  • It’s First-Come, First-Served: Clubs work hard to maintain a good ratio between members and numbers of boats, but during peak times, many boats may be booked up. On busy days, you may not get your most desired boat or time slot.
  • You Don’t Have Ownership: At the end of the day, the boat is someone else’s. Once your membership ends, your access to the boat ends, too. When you own a boat, you can resell it when you’re done, while you do not get a chance to recoup any of the money spent on a membership.

If you decide boat clubs are right for you, do your research to ensure you join a club that gives you access to the boats you want and offers plenty of open spots you can book.

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