Could Dash Cam Footage Provide Evidence in an Auto Accident Claim?

Could Dash Cam Footage Provide Evidence in an Auto Accident Claim?

A lot of people associate dash cam footage with the police, because they are known to have dash cams in their vehicles, and these often provide valuable evidence of what happened. However, has it occurred to you that this same technology might be a wise investment for your own vehicle? If you end up in an accident, could dash cam footage serve as evidence for what happened, just as it does for the police? If you’re considering investing in a dash cam for your car to provide evidence in case you ever end up in an accident, here is some helpful information to help with your decision:

Are You Legally Allowed to Have a Dash Cam?

Of course, the most important question that you’ll need to answer before you spend the money on equipping your vehicle with a dash cam is whether or not it is legal to do so, as a civilian. It turns out that it’s not only legal in South Carolina; it’s actually encouraged by law enforcement. They would actually prefer if you have some video evidence when an accident occurs, because it makes things much simpler in terms of establishing who was in the wrong.

Dash Cams Are Generally Affordable and Easy to Install

Now that you know that using a dash cam is legal, advisable, and can even improve the driving behaviors of those around you, you just need to know whether or not you can afford it and how easy it is to install. The good news is that dash cams are not that expensive. They can be pricey if you want extra features, like GPS to identify the location of any incidents that occur, but even then, they range from less than $50 to a bit over $200 on the higher end. Further, they come with easy to follow instructions, so it shouldn’t take you too much time to get it installed.

Is a Dash Cam Worth the Investment?

The next important question that you’ll want to address before you purchase a dash cam for your vehicle is whether or not it is worth the expense and time required to set it up. The answer to this question, depending on whether or not you ever end up in a South Carolina auto accident, is probably a resounding ‘yes.’

The fact is that most people will end up in at least one auto accident in their lifetimes. If it’s already happened to you, then you already know how difficult it can be to recover from an accident and prove liability. You should also know that being in one accident doesn’t mean you won’t be in another. Many people are in multiple auto accidents in the course of their lives, and that includes those who are safe and careful drivers.

Having a dash cam, just in case of an accident, is a worthwhile investment because it shows the incident from the perspective of your vehicle, and can record the solid evidence that you need to prove liability. In many auto accidents, determining liability can turn into a “he said/she said” argument, in which everyone tries to come out looking innocent. There may not be enough evidence to completely prove your case, or it may be an uphill battle to do so. Having dash cam footage can show exactly how the accident occurred.

Dash Cams Can Also Improve Driving

Aside from providing evidence if a South Carolina auto accident occurs, the increasing use of dash cams in private vehicles is improving the driving behaviors of many people who might otherwise engage in risky behavior. As more and more vehicles carry dash cams, aggressive or distracted drivers are more likely to be caught on camera.

A South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You Prove Liability

If you’ve been injured an auto accident in South Carolina, the skilled Aiken auto accident attorneys at Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes, P.A. can help you to prove liability and damages. If you have a dash cam, then this will provide excellent evidence of what happened. However, even if you don’t have a dash cam, and if your case is more challenging to prove, we can still help you to succeed in your claim. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you make use of any dash cam footage you may have, and also help you to gather and present other evidence to prove your case.