Construction Defect

Construction Defect Testimonial

Construction Defect Testimonial

“Our relationship with Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes, P.A. came as a result of a courtesy inspection of our homes in 2016 that culminated in a referral to Jesse Kirchner, partner at TKT. Our core problem was water intrusion in all 76 homes of our community that had manifested itself in the form of roof failure, siding failure, foundation failure and various violations of local building codes, all caused by actions of the developer/builder and his sub contractors in the building of this community.

Knowing the problem is one thing. Getting a Board of Directors of a homeowners association to decide to file a formal complaint against others is no small matter, but necessary if a fair and just resolution is expected. Jesse Kirchner was the glue we needed to bind the two together and decide a formal course of action.

Although the legal process was an imposition to homeowners at times during the process, the interruptions, document production, court appearances and homeowner meetings to explain the status of the process was guided by Jesse and his team and the result was a resounding success for this community.

If you are faced with a decision to resolve construction defect problems in your community, I highly suggest that you discuss your concerns with Jesse Kirchner so that you minimize the inconvenience of repairs, place the responsibility on the shoulders of the appropriate party and let Jesse and his team bring your resolution.

The results of Jesse’s work provided our community with a result that far exceeded our expectations, including the funds we needed to repair our community, and eliminated the need to issue a special assessment to all homeowners to pay for any portion of the repair cost.”