Woman Calls for ‘Granny Cam’ Legislation

Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes, P.A. founding partner and lead criminal defense attorney, Paul Thurmond, was recently featured on Channel 2 News on the issue of nursing home quality of care and the legislative bill he tried to pass during his term as a state senator.

A local Charleston woman has called for ‘granny cam’ legislation following her mother’s experience at a Lowcountry nursing home. In 2015, Thurmond attempted to add South Carolina to the growing list of states that addressed this issue by introducing a bill that bans nursing homes from being able to deny in-room cameras. “A ‘granny cam’ as they refer to it, would give them the ability to consistently check and monitor, and hopefully the camera would also deter abuse and neglect,” Thurmond said. He believes if the resident and their family agree to it, it should be their right. Non-profit and government-run nursing homes were receptive to the bill, for for-profit centers were adamantly opposed, he added. To learn more click here.